Vocal workshops

Working together with the voice

On request I organise a vocal workshop. With a maximum of 5 participants I work 5 evenings to help you to get to know your voice.The group chooses two pieces of music with me with which to put to practice that which is learned. During the workshop we work on:

  • breathing
  • how does the voice work?
  • what is singing?
  • what is pitch – how do you sing a higher of a lower pitch?
  • the soundbox of our instrument
  • projection of the voice
  • diction
  • interpretation
  • etc.

Costs are €100 p.p. for a group of 5 people, €125 p.p. for a group of 4 people.


Interested? Send an email with your group (wandapeters@vodafonethuis.nl) and indicate which evenings of the week are conveniant (e.g. ‘Wednesdays or Thursdays’ or ‘not on Mondays’). As an individual participant you can also send an email; as soon as there are 5 participants the dates will be planned and you will receive an email invitation.


I also organise one-time or shorter workshops, e.g. to celebrate a birthday, during a company outing, or a choir rehearsal weekend. Such a  workshop can last from an hour to a whole day. I have given such workshops for an 80th, a 16th and a 40th birthday and to choirs. Price depends on number of participants, how long the workshop is, and the location.