About Wanda

“The art song is a poem set to music, generally for voice and piano. I love delving for new jewels in the world of the art song, letting the poem and the music become a part of me, sharing the songs with my audiences, singing songs over and over again, the same song yet different every time, the way a painting can seem different each time you look at it in another light, or with another mood. Thát is what drives me as a vocal performer.


The voice is a living, vibrating, healing and playful good which is given to us. Teaching others to use their voice, and especially to enjoy their voice, thát is what drives me as a voice teacher. When you sing, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, if it feels like hard work, then it will not sound as beautiful as it can. Learning to sing is learning to do less, to relax muscles that are not needed for voice production in order to sing more beautifully. Singing well feels better, sounds better and looks better.”

Around the world in 80 songs

Wanda Peters graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 1993 with a Master of Music as a performing artist (voice). In the years following her graduation she lived in a number of different countries  – Croatia, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa – and then returned to her home country, the Netherlands, in 2005 where she started her voice teaching studio ‘Zangstudio Bilthoven’. She gives voice lessons and vocal workshops, performs as a soloist, and coaches choirs and singers in lyric diction.


Wanda started collecting songs from around the world for the project “Around the World in 80 Songs”, a series of three recitals, which she performed in 1998 in Uganda and in 2003 in Namibia. She has now collected songs from more than 60 countries and sung in more than 40 languages. In 2013 she and pianist Abigail Richards gave a recital entitled “Mothers”, with songs in 15 languages about mothers from all corners of the globe. In 2014 she gave recitals of Fresian songs with pianist Nynke Atsma and on the National Poetry Day Wanda and pianist Carolien Drewes gave a recital of Dutch repertoire.


From 1988 to 2004 Wanda lived in Burundi, Argentina, the USA, Croatia, Uganda, Namibia and South Africa. She always studied the language and the song repertoire of her host countries. In South Africa she gave a recital of Afrikaans songs. In Croatia she studies with voice teacher Dunja Vejzović. In Argentinia she won a YMCA competition for young musical talent. She was also a member of the “Grupo de Estudio Vocal” with which she performed frequently both as a soloist as in ensembles. In Burundi she was soloist with the choir of the Centre Culturelle Français. Since completing her studies at the conservatory she has been teaching voice, giving recitals, coaching soloists and choirs in lyric diction or vocal technique and giving lectures and courses on lyric diction.


In 2004 Wanda returned to the Netherlands, where she started Zangstudio Bilthoven (Bilthoven Voice Studio).